Earth Day on The ONeill Forebay

I went back for more this weekend just in case it was the day that my luck would change.  Unfortunately it was a carbon copy of Saturday. Wes wrote today that they are letting water out of the dam and perhaps the striper fishing may pick up in the next couple days on the Feather. Why do I torture myself. I have to fish somewhere else next week.


3 thoughts on “Earth Day on The ONeill Forebay

  1. All our fish were 18-22 inches. Not big but fun on a 8wt. Don’t know what you have found but during full moon and warm weather usually a better afternoon bite than morning. Wind can be tough depends on fog on the coast. Anyway good luck this weekend.

  2. Hi Meng
    I usually don’t post on line but I have to tell you we did well at the big lake on Saturday. Fished near the dam at first thing in the morning, marked a lot of fish but could not get a grab. After an hour ran back to lone oak cove and several other places with still a skunk. Told my friend “I know some of those marks were stripers let’s try it again. So back to the dam, marked fish again but this time (mid morning) started hooking fish. Had to do lots of pauses and teasing retrieves but caught 20-25 over the next couple of hours. So they are there but with this full moon it could get tougher. Good luck.
    Jerry Gates

    • Thanks for that info. Im going to the big lake next weekend for sure now. Sure is different than last year. I too found for sure a school of stripers on my Lowrance between the islands in 20 feet of water. When I pulled my fly up at the end of the cast, I saw three of them come up with the fly. The problem was that they all had to be about 12 inches long–a school of 12 inch long stripers. I caught one fish in that school and they were gone. I looked for them for an hour. Saturday we got nothing until 2:00 and then we fished the exact same area and started catching fish– no schools of metered fish.

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