Antelope Creek Lodge 2013

Now that Mark is fully engaged at U of O through the summer, with his two jobs, and summer EMT classes, I miss fishing with him at our annual family trout fishing trip with Wayne’s family and ours. For the last couple years (5) We have tried to to stay faithful to a family fishing trip between Wayne and our families on Memorial Day Weekend. We use to camp at the Bidwell Ponds through Wilderness Unlimited, but the last three years, we have been meeting at this wonderful fishing lodge —Antelope Creek Lodge— operated by the Fly Shop in Redding. This year it was Wayne and I fishing with his three kids Mathew (11) and Michael(11) and Emma(8). This year, the Leonards (grandparents) joined us and we enjoyed three days of great food, comfortable lodging and lots of trout fishing. Antelope Creek Lodge is the perfect getaway. You have a choice of small stream fishing or two great ponds filled with fish. My largest fish was 22 inches on the last day and we caught some magnificent brown trout in the creek (small but beautiful). I am still impressed with the fishing abilities of Wayne’s Kids. Even 8 year old Emma is a natural. On a sad note, it was last year that I fished with Mark and I miss him, and two years ago I fished with my uncle Wai Yun Syn. We got word at the lodge on Saturday that Uncle Yun had passed away in North Carolina. Wayne and I were stunned since we were reminiscing about that great trip with him exactly two years ago as we stood on his favorite spot on the pond and recalled the lawn chair he use to sit on while fly fishing. That was the last trip that I fished for trout with Yun and a memorable one. He will be so missed by all of us– Wayne’s dad, my dad and now uncle Yun are all gone now. Here’s to old generation that taught us to fish and the new generation of Syn Flyfishing that will keep us young.


New Equipment tested on the trip

Helios II 10 foot 3 weight with Lampson Vanquish 4/5–   Fishes a perfect 10

Sennheiser G3 wireless microphones on Hero II Go Pro and Lumix GH3. Great Small High Quality Wireless Mics for Video.

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