Water Levels at San Luis Reservoir

Tuesday June 11, 2013,  Vaughn Willett had a great day  “lots of 3-5 pounders and a 10 lbr to the boat”  He also mentioned that the lake level is still dropping fast and that the docks and ramps would likely be out of water by the weekend and that the forebay might be the only place to play by next week for a long time.

I just got off the phone with the Ranger Station at San Luis Reservoir (209) 826-1197 disusing the state of the boat launches at Dino and Basalt. The young woman told me that there is one person in charge of lowering the docks at both ramps. She assured me that there is pavement to launch and that it is just a matter of getting the mud off the ramp for safe launching although she said lately there have been lots of tow truck calls for stuck boats. There is only one person assigned to the management of all the Lake ramps and he has other responsibilities she mentioned.

I tried to reach someone at the Department of Water Resources to find out what is the reason for the draw down on San Luis. The Department Of Water Resources direct phone number is 209 827-5100. They refered me to an “Operator named Mike Cardoza at 209 531-8619 but I have tried several times to reach him with no luck.


JFK gave this speech at the groundbreaking of the project actually detonating an explosive at the projected water level of the finished dam on August 18th 1962. The dam project was completed in 1967 but President John Kennedy never saw the completed project as he was assassinated in Texas a year later on November 22, 1963. …how we set things in motion not knowing what the future will bring.

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