Holes in the weeds….

I was planning on fishing the Main Lake this weekend. Woke up on Saturday at 4:30 and the wind was a whopping 29 mph. When I woke up again at 8:00 ready to take care of some chores at home, I called the wind line again and it was a perfect 0 mph. I blew it.

Sunday, I decided to wake up a little later at 5:00 AM. The wind was again howling. I figured it would drop like yesterday and it did. By 8:30 it was down to 12 mph so I took off for the lake at around 8:45. As I came over the pass, I noticed big white caps on the lake and the wind was blowing from the south toward the freeway and there was no boats on the lake. I hadn’t seen that in a long time. I decided to try the fore-bay. Despite the straight out flags at the ranger station, the water was calm; however, it was a zoo of speedboats. There were so many jet skis, and speedboats that I decided to fish the weedy flats on the dam side of the islands to stay out of the way of racing boats. Hoping the fish had the same idea, I spent the morning looking for fish with topwater lures and gurglers scoring none. Finally I found some holes in the weeds–small 20 sq foot holes in the middle of the weed choked flats. I managed 2 undersized fish and one good one in different holes. It was tough fishing and weedless flies were key. I came in early at 2:00 and it took an hour to trailer up and leave. When I got to the launch I was in line with 5 boats.


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