Dinkfest on the Forebay – get your 4wgt on.

I had a few fishing options this weekend considering how slow fishing was last weekend at the Lake and Forebay,  I was thinking of trying Coyote Reservoir for bass or even Callero Reservoir.  Callero’s  water elevation has almost doubled over the last couple weeks because SCVWD is pumping San Luis water into it.   San Luis is now officially at its all time low and I am curious how it looks and fishes in it’s record low thinking that it might be epic with the lake almost the same size as the Forebay.  Saturday Morning I awoke at 5am to the news of 29 MPH winds at the lake and again like last week ,  by 8am winds dropped to 8mph and I was home wishin I were fishin.   Sunday I figured I had wasted too many opportunities not to just go out and wait for it to flatten out so I got to Basalt at 7AM and there were white caps and 2 foot rollers on the lake.  I launched a the makeshift launch at Basalt.  I had to go Low 4WD to get the trailer out of the mud and gravel but I managed.   I fished the windless protected cove at the ramp before heading into the whitecaps at the trash racks.  I fished the racks with clousers for two hours and I had a hard time standing in the boat because of the 2 foot rollers.  I ended up calling it quits around 9:30 and decided to hop the pond to the forebay.   The Forebay was flat and there was some sort of Bass Tournament happening.  Vaughn Willet texted me that he would be in the forebay (I didnt see him all day) so I decided to get in line and launch.  I was the 25th boat launching. I figured I would do what I did last week and look in the weeds for fish.

I picked up my first fish, a dink, in a small hole in the weeds between the islands.   As I worked my way down around the south Island,  I found many schools of 12 inch Stripers and caught fish on nearly every cast  between the south island and the first buoy.  The problem was that they were all about 12 inches long.   I whipped out my 6 wgt that was rigged for shad and put a small weedless yellow clouser on and it was wham bang thank you dink for the rest of the afternoon.  By 2:00pm I was physically tired of catching dinks. I counted nearly 30 to the boat and lost count.    It was pretty fun on a the 6wgt but it would have been really fun with a 4 wgt rod.  I ended the day a bit disappointed with no big fish but then I remembered I was ready to go catch bluegill or crappie in those numbers and be happy.  I must say that a 12 inch striper beats a 9 inch bluegill and with the right rod,  I think a beginner would have a blast out there learning to set the little hits on a full strip.   It was so consistant that in the middle of the melee,  I called Gina on my Iphone, set the phone on the dash  and “Facetimed”  me catching a striper–a first for the forebay.  Next week Im going to bring a 3 wgt 10 foot Helios 2 with a head.

apartment002I tried something new with the GOPRO Hero Black.   This particular GOPRO can be set for loop recording.   I set the GoPro for 5 minute loop recording.  The GoPro then records 5 files that are a minute long and when it reaches 5 minutes it erases the first file and records the 5th file.   In other words if you leave the camera on all the time,  it wont fill the SD card.  When you hit stop,  you will have the last 5 minutes only .  This is ideal for fishing since you don’t know when the fish will hit and you usually end up with lots of dead footage for one fish set.  Every time you stop the recording after you catch a fish,  you have the last 5 minutes.  You can also set it up for 20 minute loop but who lands fish in more than 20 minutes?   Cousin Wayne has landed a 100lb tarpon in 10 minutes–Ill set 20 minutes for myself on my next tarpon.


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