Chicago Deep Dish in Campbell

One of the things we really miss about Chicago is those deep dish Spinach, Mushroom and Sausage Pizzas we lived on from Giordono’s. Its been 30 years but we found a great Chicago Pizza place in Berkeley called Zacharry’s Pizza.   By luck we saw a tv commercial for a Deep Dish Pizza place called Patxi’s in Campbell.  The commercial featured Matt Caine and the Mythbuster Crew which reminded me of a Youtube video I once saw.   If you haven’t seen this YouTube video of Matt Cain thowing baseballs at thrown targets including a deep dish pizza,  it’s a must see.  Some people are crying CGI on this but I think its real.

Paxti’s Pizza is located in the Prunyard Shopping Center

1875 S Bascom Ave #405
Campbell   (408) 559-070

This Pizza is very good and the Bruschetta Appetizer we ordered with is was excellent.  You can call ahead to order so that its done when you get there, These deep dish pizza’s take 45 minutes to make.   The owner of Patxi’s used to work for Zachs Pizza and decided to branch out on his own. Patxi went back to Chicago after his tenure at Zachs to perfect the west coast Chicago Style Deep Dish and I think he’s nearly there.

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