The Labor Day Salmon Festival \ Uncle Yun and Dad on the Sacramento River one more time…

Usually, Labor day is the Peak of the Salmon run on the Sacramento River.  Not this year though.  Fishing Friday and Saturday,  we were only able to catch half boat limits and we were doing well compared to the crowds that anticipated better luck this holiday weekend.

On Friday, I had the honor and pleasure to fish with Scott of   The water was pretty warm at 67 degrees and the salmon were off the bite.   We had 7 pull downs backtrolling K16 Flatfish but only managed 3 to the boat.  I had no idea how healthy the native striper population was until we spotted numerous times,  a large school of 20 lb plus stripers–literally hundreds of them.  How lucky Sacramento river fishermen are, to be so close to so many quality fisheries.   On Saturday with 5 rods out,  we only caught three fish all morning but they were quality experiences.  My uncle Jack got to play a 20 lbr to the boat and it nearly crushed him.  It was a fish of a lifetime for him.   His son was also in the boat and the first fish he has ever caught was a 21lb Salmon.   It was great to watch Jason catch the first fish of his life – he’s a natural    Jason who recently graduated from Law School might be taking up fishing soon.

To wrap up the weekend,  we had a small ceremony to scatter Uncle Yun and my Dad’s ashes on the river where they loved to fish the Labor Day Weekend.  We spent around 20 years fishing together and there are memories of Yun and my Dad on that river that are priceless. Wayne dedicated the day to him and hosted a gathering of relatives to witness the scattering of ashes and flowers on the river. Jack led us in prayer and it was a great day.  I spent today (Sunday) processing four 20 lb salmon and thinking about the old days when Dad would come over and claim his share. Labor Day Salmon fishing will never be the same without him.  Ill be smoking salmon tomorrow and I managed to can 16 jars of salmon from the four 20lbrs that I brought home.


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