Not as good as last week but still good…

Its been 5 days since last weeks great topwater action on the main lake.  I arrived at the lake a little late, and the boat ramp was full of boats.   It was extremely crowded today.  The word must be out that the fishing is picking up.   When I arrived at my favorite bank, I was happy to see the fish working the shoreline as they did last week.  I worked the shallow water with the new grass shrimp flies I tied.  It was not a sure thing,  The fish were either selective or not feeding on grass shrimp but I did manage to hook several.   I was expecting them to jump on them a bit more aggressively and was a bit disappointed.   I caught two fish on poppers and there was a definite decrease in surface activity this weekend. Also, less birds and less metered fish.    I managed about a dozen fish with the biggest 5 lbs  and left the lake at 10am when it got slow.   The solonar table was at 1 fish (out of 4) with the main cycle at 7:30.

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