The First Stripers of 2015

IMG_5806Last weekend I pulled the boat out from the Delta and spent the weekend cleaning the Green Sludge off the boat in San Jose.   Reports from the Delta have been very slow so I decided  to try O’Neill Forebay\San Luis for the month of January  or till things heat up at Sugerbarge. I wasn’t expecting much today and I planned on spending some time renewing my annual launch pass and getting a boat inspection (which is absurd since the delta water is what fills O’neill forebay and San Luis Reservoir).  The annual use and launch pass went up to $225 a year from $150.   I forgot to put the launch rope on boat but managed to launch the boat with the trolling motor down.  I simply popped the boat in the water and let it drift out,  parked the truck and trailer, and steered the boat back to the dock with wireless controller.

The forebay was foggy and cold, with no wind. The water temp was 51 degrees and the forebay had current going into the lake and out the aqueduct.   Visibility was about two feet.   There were at least three Kayaks, a half a dozen float tubes and two other boats of flyfishermen out in the morning and it was tough to find a spot on the wall until when most gave up and left.  The morning bite was pretty good for a January.  Slow retrieves with pauses was the ticket.   I caught a few trolling a slow fly and I landed 12 for the day with the three largest around 18 inches. Most of the fish were caught on the wall, and a couple in the main trench.  The fish were healthy but on the small side with nothing over 20 inches.  Looking back on my blog,  Ive never really had a fantastic day in January on the forebay or the lake–today may be one of the better January days Ive ever had.    I can’t wait to try the main lake and fish those places that have been up on the back for most of the year.   It was a great way to start the year–not skunked.

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