The Last Weekend

The end of March ended like February started,  tough fishing.  I wouldn’t call it bad but today we had to work for the fish we caught.  We landed a total of 5 fish from 4-8 lbs.  After a two week vacation in Maui, casting and setting was still a bit painful.  I think the golf didn’t help much with the bursitis and I could feel the tennis elbow coming back with every double haul.   We marked some large schools of fish all day but they were not as aggressive as they were the last three weeks. Something definitely happened to the fishing this weekend. Everyone I talked to had it tough this weekend.  While I was in Hawaii,  I heard that a 28 lbr was caught on a fly in San Luis last week and also that the forebay was still great last Saturday.  April and May have been traditionally the best months to get that trophy over 20 lbs.  The lake has now crested at 67 percent and they are not pumping water OUT of it.   Ill be heading to Henderson Springs Ranch for some trout fishing the end of this week and depending on conditions,  will be heading to the Big Lake this next weekend.


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