Maui 2015

I miss family vacations. It has been a long time since our family has had a chance to take a vacations together.  We spent a week in Mauii like we use to in the old days this month.  Both Mark and Mia’s spring breaks came on the same week despite the fact that one is on quarters and the other on semesters.  We stayed at the Kaanapalii Alii for half the week and the finished up the vacation at the Grand Waiilea   Mark and I got a couple of rounds of golf in at some nice courses and I can say now that he is officially a better golfer than I .  In fact,  he helped my game out by fixing my slice.  After is was all over,  I ended up buying a new Hybrid and Driver.  Mark also surfed one day on the Kaanapali side and Mia got lots of content for her Nutrition\Food\lifestyle blog which as of today has more than 12 thousand followers.

I asked around and found out that there is some flyfishing for bonefish in certain places in Mauii.  They are very small flats but since no one fishes them,  they can sometimes be pretty good for Trevali and Bonefish.   I left the flyfishing gear at home this trip but next time I will certainly bring it  (in my golf bag).

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