Beautiful Day for some Dinks on the Big Lake



vlcsnap-2015-04-27-20h57m41s70Ive been waiting for weeks for a break in the wind on a day off and I finally got it this morning on San Luis.Reservoir.  The Day was perfect, no wind, very light fishing pressure and prime time for a big one.  Unfortunately, the biggest fish I saw today was at the cleaning station caught by deep water jiggers fishing spoons at 70 feet–four fat fish from 8-5 lbs.  I went directly to the Bay of Pigs in the morning and covered the bay fishing the flats and the deep ledges with not a touch.   I fished Portuguese Bay and Lone Oak .   Vaughn had a slow day last week on the lake but managed some 5-6 pounder near Dinosaur.  I didn’t go there today.   I caught six dinks for all the effort and I think Im going to fish the forebay next week unless reports to the contrary on the Big Lake.

Water temp on the lake is 62 and the green algae is starting to get thick.   I metered a lot of fish on the Lowarance but I noticed not as many on the Humingbird sonar.  Perhaps is because the cone size on the Hummingbird is much smaller.  The new rod extensions worked pretty good until the bushing worked loose on the Loomis 8 footer.  I need to epoxy it better.  otherwise ,  the two handed casting was pretty easy on the elbow and shoulder.   I can definitely feel it healing since I did cast the one hander for a bit with not too much problem.   The Ulterra came today but no one was here to sign for it so I had it redelivered to the office all 75 pounds of it.


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