Tying the Ardino Deciever

It’s never too early to prepare flies for a big trip especially when the trip calls for ten dozen flies minimum. My trip to Bolivia for Golden Dorado is not till next fall but I may be tying flies for three people. Hopefully I will get some help from my friends in Africa and can get them to tie at least half of them. The Ardino Deciever seems to be the fly of choice for Golden Dorado and its amazing to read that if you want to catch lots of fish, you need lots of flies since they are usually mauled beyond recognition after ane or two fish. The typical ADs are tied with bucktail, deer hair, peacock herl and feathers. Its seems to me that one could tie this fly in synthetics and try to get more life out of them. Some anglers believe that the synthetic flies are not as lifelike as the feathered ones and yet some anglers say you can cast a feather duster at a dorado and they will eat it. In any event, there are more tiers that are tying the AD with synthetics like Dan Johnson of Custom Saltwater Flies. The deceivers are fished on short wire trace and fishermen are urged to cary fly tying scissors to trim down the deer hair heads to get them to sink better. Ive even seen them tied with chain bead eyes I assume to make them lighter and fish better on the surface. The majority of Dorado Fly fishermen use Tropical Floating lines and type 3 intermediates. At least thats what my research has pulled up. Of course it all may change once I get there. Im going to send some to my two friends that have already been there for there suggestions.

Here are some Pics of different styles or Ardino Decievers.

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