A place where the stripers are always feeding…

This weekend’s unsettled weather shut down my plans to fish San Luis this weekend for stripers. Dan Dee, an old San Luis fisherman, was in the bay area and was hoping to get a day with me on the Lake. Instead , we decided to go over to Bass Pro Shop and hang a while. While we were there, the feeding staff was busy feeding the fish in the tank. Watching Stripers eat from underneath the water is always a thrill and educational. The temperature of the aquarium is held at 64 degrees and all the fish were caught locally. It will be fun to see how big those fish become with the interesting diet that Bass Pro provides. What lucky fish they are to have a continuous source of Rainbow Trout, Smelt, Krill, Bluegill and a custom “brownie” of fish vitamins and nutrients.

Steph and his son went out into the cold today and were forced to fish the Forebay due to wind. Reports indicate a very cold and slow day on the forebay. I wonder when Fishing will pick up.

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