Mama told me there would be days like this…

When it’s not always raining there’ll be days like this
When there’s no one complaining there’ll be days like this
When everything falls into place like the flick of a switch
Well, my mama told me, “There’ll be days like this”

The fishing gods are fair.  After giving me three of the biggest fish Ive ever caught in the lake in less than two weeks on three consecutive trips in November, I haven’t even felt a hit on a fly in my last three trips in December.  Ken Oda and Steph  had some slow days the last couple weeks but they all caught a couple at least.    It must be the cold weather or maybe its casting that nine inch clouser all over the lake and the big fish are just confused now that the lake is filling .   I did mark some fish at 90 feet right in the middle of the lake but there has been an obvious drop of shallow water action these last couple weeks in my opinion.  Maybe the cold weather has pushed the fish out of the shallows and into the deep.  For whatever reason,  the fishing at the main lake went from amazing to really slow in the last two weeks.   I think next week Ill get back to the Forebay and try to exercise  some smaller fish,   I miss that.

Casting the Echo Primes is effortless.  The Sniper T-14 and Outbound Short Custom cuts at 30 feet cast well on the 9 and 10 wgt one piece rods.  Too bad I cant take one piece rods to Bolivia.   I am interested in the Winston Boron III Plus Jungle Rods especially made for Golden Dorado and Peacock Bass.  They are fast action, Reinforced Boron rods with a long fighting butt. They are lightweight and are outfitted with oversized guides to cut down on line friction.   They have double reinforcement and the 9 wgt weighs  in at 4 5/8 oz.  Im not leaving for Bolivia till next year so Ill have plenty of time to test one out.

Speaking of Bolivia,  Im putting an order together to have some flies tied in Kenya for Bolivia.  I ordered the materials this week for Andino Decievers in several colors.  Im going to try the Owner AKI hooks for these flies and ordered some sample flies from Dan Johnson Saltwater Flies

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3 thoughts on “Mama told me there would be days like this…

  1. Hmmm. OK. Well maybe I’ll go back to disco bay tomorrow. We did well there last weekend. Not a lot a fish, but a few quality fish. I have to go early tomorrow as my buddy has a Xmas party to g to in the later afternoon. If fishing late is the key, then I might try the big lake on Wednesday. Maybe get on the water by noon or 1:00 and fish til 4:00-ish. let me know if you’re going down or want to hook on Wednesday.

  2. Meng:

    Any new reports on Big Luis? I was going to try it on Saturday – but maybe not if it’s not fishing well.

    You mention you would head back to Oneill. Do you have a current report on how it’s fishing? I haven’t fished it for a month since it was fishing so poorly since mid-October.

    Trying to decide where to fish on Saturday. If Oneill and San Luis are not on, I will likely hit the Delta.


    • If the weather permits, I am going to fish Oneil on Saturday unless for some reason I get a report to the contrary. I like looking at the Fresno Bee Fishing Report. Last Monday was ridiculously slow for me. Steve Santucci got two nice fish 4-8 lbs on Tuesday in the lake but they caught them between 4-5 PM. Im off the lake by 3PM normally. The afternoon bite has for sure been better than morning as of late. Its cold in the mornings too. I agree with the Fresno Bee that the fish are lower in the water column now and that they are starting to rise due to the amount of suspended fish. Lots of 20 lrs taken in the Mendoza canal and by deep trolling lures at 60 feet in the main lake.

      Last year, I hooked some big fish trolling a big fly with a t-14 head 70 feet down till I see a school on the meter. I would stop the boat, pull the flyline off the downrigger snap, reel in the ball and strip the fly straight up through the school and hook fish. Imagine casting and waiting for the fly to sink 70 feet. By the time it got there, the school would be gone.

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