Small Rattled Yellow and White Craft Fur Clousers

vlcsnap-2016-03-07-23h16m38s50These last couple weeks at Oneill Forebay have me exploring size 1 and 2 Craft Fur Clousers that have proven to be exceptionally effective this season.   I have had past success with bucktail closers in the same size and color, but I am beginning to believe that the Craft Fur actually has a better action in the water.   Craft Fur is consistent and cheap. The fiber is fine in the long select Craft Fur is ideal for flies smaller than 3 inches.  In the larger patterns, its too limp in my opinion.   Also because of the way its made,  there is 10 time more bulk at the skin then there is at the tips.  It takes a large amount of hair to create a wing for even small clousers and you go through a lot of stock tying up a couple dozen.   I found a cheap source of the craft fur at Joanne fabric and crafts online.  Discussing rattled flies with Dan Blanton the other day,  I played around with a couple techniques to attach rattles to small flies without interfering with the gape of the hook.    I tried gluing rattles to 100 lb test and tying it to the end the hook but the strongest method was to glue a rattle in hollow mylar flex tube,  coat it with cement and then tie the end to the hook.   I can’t wait for the rain to let up to try some of these experimental patterns.





3 thoughts on “Small Rattled Yellow and White Craft Fur Clousers

  1. Meng Syn

    I couldnt find any other way to contact you so I chose to comment under a blog similar to my question. What sort of material do you usually use for flies longer than 3″? You refer to bucktail on this blog but dont most anglers swear by craft fur or similar materials for longer flies? Im a novice fly tyer and am looking for a substitute material for Targus Foxxfur. any recommendations?

    P.S. thanks so much for sharing your experience and knowledge via your blog. im a huge fan!

  2. Hello sir,

    I am a huge fan of the Dan Blanton bulletin board. I learned about it from Keith Kaneko ( angling on the fly) . I have learned so much about flyfishing , fly tying and angling destinations. I have read the board daily for 2 years.

    I got your website from the board and I appreciate your sharing of knowledge. Your videos are legendary. I live in Frederick Md. And flyfish the Chesapeake Bay , ( stripers, bluefish, specked trout and weakfish) and the Upper Potomac river in Antietam Maryland ( great civil war location)

    Thanks for the information, and instructional videos we tie many of the same flies out east. The crab clouser (white, olive , and orange with copper flash ) is killer for us in the Chesapeake.


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