RV Camping Half Moon Bay

IMG_8277Gina and I met our good friends Bob and Marianne for a one day camping trip with the RVs at Half Moon Bay State Park. We booked a Sunday night and found the campsite actually not full. What a great campsite it was with electrical hookups in 40 of the 50 sites, free fast internet, and great perch fishing on the beach. We enjoyed comparing RV stories and ate like royals. For Breakfast I managed a couple Barred Surf Perch fishing a bad tide (low and incoming) Half Moon Bay is a very cool town on the beach with nice restaurants, and lots of action. I still managed three perch in half an hour from the rip and troughs right in back of the motorhome on the beach. Unfortunately, the same rip claimed the life of a swimmer two hours after we left the campsite at noon. It took us almost exactly an hour to drive to the campsite and plug in. It is definitely one of the nicest and closest hook up RV spot to our house with some great fishing. In two weeks we might try Seacliff beach but with these big storms, I expect the beach to be covering the sites like it did in January during the first big El Nino storms.

I forgot how fun it is to catch perch in the surf.  I have a lot of perch gear that I haven’t used in years I think Im going to get back into it. If you’re looking to get the best camping gear, you can check out campingfunzone.com. These days,  many fishermen are using Gulp Sandworts as well as the old reliable Perch Grubs.  I like ten foot medium fast steelhead conventional and spinning rods with 14 lb braid, 3/4 ounce sliding weights and size 6 bait hooks.  I didn’t bring the spey rod but I think it would have made me wade deeper and considering the rip and the size of waves this weekend, it was not a good idea to wade deep.

Vaughn fished the forebay two days since last weekend and reported some stellar days with over 20 fish in less than half a days fishing. I can’t wait to get back to the forebay but the weather this weekend is really bad.


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