Big Blow December – Syntwins and the “Running of the Bulls”


This weekend, my good friend Dan Dee from Ennis Montana and I arranged a day on the Delta with our mutual friend and Guide Steve Santucci. Last week, Steve suggested we move our day from Friday to Saturday because of weather. As late as yesterday, my weather sources suggested it might turn out to be ok after all on Friday at Oneill Forebay. I decided to take Dan over to the Forebay for a practice session before tomorrows Delta day.  Steve called it accurately- it was windy.

Driving to San Luis, the wind prediction on the Wind Line (209) 826-9019 was still favorable. When we got to the Forebay, the north wind was blowing white caps across the lake and Oneill Forebay boat launch. The flats around the 152 bridge were the calmest, but still so bad that it was hard to stand. We fished for a couple hours looking for fish on the flats but only managed a handful of hits and one fish. We left at noon to prepare for the Delta Tomorrow as the yellow lights were lit.



Over the Thanksgiving Break,  the SynTwins -Mathew and Michael- fished with John Iverson in New Orleans.

For Details on their exciting trip, checkout  the SYNTWINS Blog Post

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