Post op maxillectomy on Striper -Last day of November

Today, I had the pleasure of introducing Luke Sing to Striper Fishing Oneill Forebay style. We had a short day launching at 10:30 in the morning and returning at 2:30. We managed over 20 fish despite the intermittent sprinkles, wind and cloud cover. The fish were aggressive today and Luke had action all afternoon with lots of hits and a couple 19 inchers.


One fish we caught had a deformed upper jaw that had fully healed. It’s mouth was half the size of a normal striper and yet it was pretty healthy looking. I hope it was a scar from being caught before because if it is a birth defect from something mutagenic in the forebay, LA has a water quality problem.

Luke and I were fishing the same flies and lines all day. I put him on the downwind side of the boat to make casting easier for him and I casts over the boat and trolling motor all day. A wind gust fouled a cast that I had made and it broke my pulse disk off. I fished for about half an hour on a hot spot on the flat and went hitless while Luke was getting pounded. After putting a new disk on, I caught two fish on two casts. Im not saying thats scientific proof that a pulse disc works for forebay fish, but I am more convinced it does after today.

Next Saturday is my day with Steve Santucci who I talked to today. Some Big fish are showing around Disco Bay. Hopefully we will get into them come Saturday.

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  1. I really appreciate your detailed and informative answers, Meng. I looked back at my last really successful trip to the Forebay (October 27-29) and the solunar tables predicted the day-by-day perfectly. I was also out surf casting yesterday, and the only fish I took fell into the peak period they predicted. I will definitely pay attention in the future. I have to be out-of-state for the next couple of weeks, but I will tie up some rattle clousers before my next outing to O’Neill. Thanks for all your help, and I hope to see you out there one of these days.

  2. Mark, Im really glad that I can help other people enjoy the forebay as much as I do. I do believe in the solonar tables. Over the years, I fished with some very succesful fly fishermen that have pointed out to me, after the fact, that the best hours of our best fishing days coincided with major and minor peaks on the solonar tables. For sure the full moons mess with the fishing at San Luis and the Forebay as well as the delta. Its pretty fun to look back on the days and see how accurate they are at the very least. I use an Iphone program called “fishing times” or ISolonar and I check the weather on “windalert”. Also great for the delta is Realtide, Fishhead, Navionics Boat and my Radar. I think the most reliable fishing report other than mine is the Fresno Bee Fishing report and Fishaholics–both terminal tackle guys.

    Im using flies like these lately.

  3. As usual, I learned a lot from your latest video, Meng, especially about retrieves and your strike technique. I was out on Wednesday but managed to take only four fish. I have some pulse discs on order in the hope that they will provide better action. I gather that you are a believer in solunar theory. What web site did you use for the table that appears at the very beginning of your video? And are you willing to share any info on your choice of flies? I have been using Lee Haskins San Luis Smelt on a jig hook with 5/32″ dumbbell eyes. Interestingly, I had my best-day-ever two weeks ago in circumstances similar to your “window in a storm.” I went on Thursday with a couple of fishing buddies for a three-day trip, camping near the islands. Thursday afternoon was good. It rained pretty hard all Thursday night. Friday morning the fishing was mediocre. By Friday evening it was improving. On Saturday, we killed ’em, and I had a twenty-five fish day. I will be paying more attention to this in the future. Thanks for pointing out that this may be a general pattern.

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