Cold Water Striper Fishing Late December

Steve and I knew it would be tough today. Tim Anderson’s report a few days ago suggested that the fish had turned off with the cold weather but we had a day to kill and went out anyways. The last two days, I tried to motivate myself to brave the cold and go for it, but it wasn’t till Steve Sakamaki agreed to test the forebay, that I got the gear ready, scraped the ice off the car and braved the 38 degree temps to look for a hungry striper. The water temps was 45 degrees but the water was calm and the day bright and beautiful. There were a dozen fly fishermen on the lake in Kayaks, Float tubes and Boats trying all the usual spots. Tim Anderson was out with a friend and managed to catch 14 fishing all day mostly dinks. We gave it everything, changed flies, lines and tried every corner of the forebay and went in for a warm lunch at 12:30 with only a couple dinks to show.

The 360 sonar showed us that there were lots of fish roaming around, but the cold water turned the bite off despite a 4 star solonar day with a peak at noon. I think Ill concentrate on boat maintenance these next couple weeks till the fish acclimate to the cold and try the main lake next time. The main lake is looking great with the level just at the bottom of the Cottonwood Rock Wall off of highway 152. Its going to take lot of water to top the lake off another 20 feet since the lake is like a funnel with the majority of the water volume in the top 5 percent.

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