Muddy Water Fishing in Oneill Forebay

The record rains in Northern California has made for tough fishing in the San Luis Reservoir and the Forebay these last couple months. I decided to fish the forebay for the first time this year after last weeks tough day on the Lake. Last year at this time, the forebay was great but with he snow runoff yet to come and the swollen delta pumping brown water into the forebay, it may be a long time before we get the visibility thats necessary for decent fishing and weed growth. The Sun has got to penetrate the water to start the weeds growing.

Based on some optimistic reports from the forebay yesterday from Mr McColumm, I got to the forebay eager to fish at 7:30. The weather was great, the water temps were in the high 50s and the winds were down. Next week the weather may hit the mid 80s. I started out searching the deep trenches with no luck. I tried the flats–scanning them like mowing the lawn with the 360 sonar. Not a blip. When the going gets tough, I like fishing the rock walls for fish chasing baitfish that hide in the rocks. With the lack of weeds in the lake I figured it might be the only cover in the forebay. Fishing the rock wall across from Mederious, I managed about a dozen fish. Todays fishing was hard. Lots of casts for a handful of fish. The muddy water made it tough even when I could see schools on the fish finders. Spring is almost here and it was great to pull on some stripers today even if it was challenging. Im just wondering if I should fish the main lake till the forebay gets more clear and starts growing weeds. Next week, Im going to try to catch a bonefish in Maui on a fly.

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