The Lake is Full

San Luis Reservoir is finally full for the first time in 6 years. I have fond memories of the coves and cover that I use to fish in 2011. The lake was beautiful today. The last month rains have left the delta and forebay muddy but San Luis Reservoir was clear today. The lake relies on pumped water to fill unlike other lakes that fill from rivers and runoff. Water is pumped uphill from the San Joaquin-Sacramento River Delta to the five by nine mile lake where the sediment from the sierra runnoff settles leaving San Luis on of the clearest reservoirs in Northern California. Unfortunaly, the fish did not co-oporate with me much today. I fished all day for one small keeper in the Bay of Pigs fishing 20 feet of water around structure. It sure looked good though with lots of cover for baitfish along the shoreline and coves. I did mark a few schools of fish but they were either in deep water or in 20 feet or less. The lake felt completely different today and I expected to do well, but as good as the water looked, the fish haven’t figured it out yet or its too early after the torrential rains and floods for the baitfish populations to explode into the the bigger water and better habitat along the new shoreline.

The trashracks look like a big boat now. The water around the structure is over 100 feet deep now

The last time the lake was full. There were some epic days.

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