San Luis Reservoir with Steve Santucci and Steph

These last couple week Has been tough fishing for me  in terms of size and today was no exception.   Steph and I called on Steve Santucci to help us learn more about the lake at high water.  There are few people in the world that have fished San Luis successfully  for over 20 years and can relate to todays shoreline which is 50 miles longer than it was 6 months ago.   It was a beautiful day with just the right amount of wind a sunshine.   We fished miles of shoreline that I have never fished and Steve put on a class for us.  We learned much about the lake at high water with Steve who fished it many times at this depth over the last 40 years.    I dont think there is even a corner of the lake where Steve hasn’t caught a double digit fish sometime in his life.  There are few guys left like him who have seen the lake evolve over many years.   It was a great day and we told jokes , talked fishing, and laughed all day.   Steph and Steve are great guys.

Fishing a t-11 and small 3 inch flies,  Steph and I put 10 fish in the boat today with two keepers.   The two keepers were the first good fish I have caught out of the lake this year.  I was a bit relieved that we had a tough day.  I was beginning to think everyone was getting big fish in the lake this month except me.   Vaughn was out today  and caught 9 fish and another buddy who is an excellent  gear fishermen had 13.


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