Hunting Pigs, caught bacon.


Monday, April 22, 2019 –  I can’t remember when I was so anxious to get out and fish the Bay of Pigs.    With Vaughn Willet on a tear with three big bigger biggest Pig fish in the last week from BOP and my last trip out a week ago being my best of the year,  the anticipation was unbearable.   It’s been a year since I caught a 20 lbr.   I tried to go out every day this weekend but the  wind has been relentless all weekend until this morning.   The winds were light when I launched at 8:30.  It was a light day with only three boats at the Basalt.   The plan for the day was to fish every spot that I have every caught a fish over 10 lbs with a 6 inch fly on a t-14 head.    I started out at the Parking Lot and fished the shoreline and scanned around me with the 360  as I worked the shoreline to the dam.  It was oddly devoid of schools.   Not even on the sonar.    The lake had dropped about 10 feet from last week,   The algae mat was gone and the fish I managed to catch were not acting like spawners.     I worked the Bay of Pigs thoroughly in 20-30 feet of water to the shoreline and managed only half a dozen fish.     I went out for pigs and came home with bacon.

I saw an odd boat on the lake today  which turned out to be a US Geological Survey boat.  I talked to the crew for awhile and the days mission was to take water quality samples which they coordinate with satellite telemetry.   Whats good for LA is good for the fishes is what I say, since fishing and hunting are my favorites hobbies but for this, we need to learn What is the best airsoft sniper rifle to buy? and more but with Technomono you are all set up !


I worked the dam all the way to the trash racks with the patrol driving up and down waiting for me to make a run to the towers.   I didn’t work up close to the racks today but I did try the deep water again.   By the time I got out there,  it was a roller coaster.    I saw some schools of fish 20-30 feet down but after an hour of fishing,  I couldn’t get one to eat.  

I think the main difference between today and last week was  more wind,  lower temperatures and less algae mat.   Thurday and Fridays solunar tables last week  were 4 star with peak fishing times between 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm.  I think that when Vaughn caught his big fish.  Today the solunar was three stars with a peak at 4:30pm.   I didn’t fish any peaks today.      Just saying.  



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