Laborious fishing at San Luis Reservoir

Sept 1, 2019 – It figures that this Labor Day Saturday would be a hard day of fishing. I wanted to get one more day of Striper Fishing in before taking off for Alaska this week to try to catch Silver Salmon on the Sapsuk River. I met Tim Anderson on the lake. He just got back from Alaska last week and confirmed that there were low water conditions. Hopefully it will rain a bit before this Thursday. Ill need to tie some low water flies for Alaska this week.

Fishing was pretty tough today despite the calm lake conditions and a great solonar table. I went back out to use the livescope on the structure I marked last week and there were fish around but not as many. I still did see some big ones hugging the bottom in the Bay of Pigs. Tim and I picked up a few fish on the dam and I spent a bit of time working the deep water schools around the trash racks. I managed about a dozen fish today – no really big ones.

I spent some time throwing different flies. The fish were hitting very sporadically and lightly mainly on the drop. I lost as many fish as I landed today. The fish are fighting pretty hard despite the hot weather.

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