October Stripers on San Luis Reservoir

Sunday October 11, 2019 -The harvest moon Is this week and I can feel the fishing entering the Fall Cycle.   I arrived at the lake late today because of a Flat Tire on the trailer driving up 101.     Luckily, the tire didn’t delaminate and blow my fender off like it did last time.    I recently put a set of 20 volt Power Tools and jacks in the truck for the trailer and I changed the tire in less than 10 minutes.  I was boat number 17 on the lake at Basalt launch at 9:00.  The lake was dead calm all day long and there was a haze in the air from the Napa fires and high clouds.    I spoke with some of the regulars on the water and they told me that this morning there was a great topwater bite.   Ill have to get up early and try that before the rains start.  I started of fishing the Racks right away because I saw a few boats up close and figured there may be a small window to fish it.   The pumps were  not on and lake is very low in preparation for the rains. Oddly,  I worked the racks deep and couldn’t dredge up a single fish.    I headed over to Romero and worked the dam before the island and picked up 5 nice fish.   The panoptix liveview showed there were a many  big fish cruising around in the corner however   I couldn’ t get them to bite.    I found some  bigger  schools along the face of the dam but  I was unable tp convert.   I wasn’t worthy today despite trying lots of  different flies   Im going to try trailer hooks  (like coho flies)  next time.   I did get alot of short strikes and follows today.    I think the fish were not feeding aggressively  because of the big bright moon last night  but the Solunar tables predicted a great day with the bite starting around 12:30.    I ended the day with 5 fish..

Romero Panoptix Livescope (timeshifted) –  Tons a fish but very few eaters….







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