Mid November Cycle

November 18, 2019 (Monday)
– The water temps are hovering around 61 degrees and the stripers seem not to be in a biting mood. The weather is still warm but the full moon cycles seem to have slowed the daytime bite. I heard through the grapevine that several large fish were caught this weekend at night on lures. It is too bad they dont allow boating at night. At one time they did and I bet the evening bite from the boat was amazing. The best time to fish for stripers is right before dark in many places.

I managed to catch 8 fish today the hard way. I fished the dam from the Bay of Pigs to Romero. I tried the racks for a short time today but marked no fish. It seems the best luck Ive had this week is fishing close into rocks along the dam. Most fish have been hitting within 4-5 strips in from the rocks. I caught another two fish today on the backcast as fish would follow the accelerating fly right before the backcast and hit the fly as it reached the boat. The fish were all ove 18 inches today, two of the fish were over 24 inches but I have yet to catch a fish over 20 lbs this year. I guess I’m back in a rut working hard for one of those really big stripers. Seems there are more of them in the Delta and perhaps next year I will camp out a Franks Track with the Lance.

I count my blessings being able to fish San Luis weekly. These last weeks, Ive been able to consistently catch a couple good fish but it’s taken alot of casting per fish. I hope the fish start eating better soon. Maybe I will start throwing 13 inch glide baits for a couple hours.

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