Fishing options are drying up….

April 5 -DAY 18 of the Lockdown.-  As the world makes a concerted effort to defeat a common enemy,  we struggle to hang on to our lives as we knew them only a couple weeks ago.  These last two weeks have been consumed by clinical and financial online webinars to collaborate with other dentist and professional organizations on how to keep afloat and economically survive the Pandemic.   No time to fish again.   In uncertain times I am amazed at how tight the entire dental professional community has become as it rallies in defense of all Dentist and their employee families.   I am in awe of the the way our scientist and government have responded to this unprecedented crisis. These days remind me of the stories my parents use to tell, about leaving everything and fleeing into the jungles of Malaysia to survive the Japanese invasion during WW2 for a couple years with only the clothes on their backs.  We have it good compared to them.   Mark and Mia are busy and thriving.  Marks wedding was cancelled and funds were thankfully  refunded by all vendors.   Mark is in San Francisco  diagnosing and treating  Covid cases.  He has been working overtime and staying safe through telemedicine and good PPE practice.  This Crisis will change health care as we know it and he is part of that evolution with his computer skills and clinical skills that are well appreciated in these times.  Healthcare workers comprise 15% of the infected as of today.  Three have died in the US.  Ironically, there is call out to retired MDs and Healthcare workers to fill in needed staff but the retired are often the most susceptible being older.   Healthcare workers are true heros and soldiers in this fight against the invisible enemy.   The Pandemic will eventually end–its a certainty.  The goal is to minimize casualties –lives and the economy.   This week we lost a neighbor to Covid and one of my close fishing friends is on a respirator at Good Sam. We pray for healing and strength.  The upcoming two weeks will be full of death as the curve is estimated to peak.  My sister and mother are isolated and healthy.  I am thankful that they are only two blocks away.

Mia’s message of health and immunity through nutrition is taking on a new and vital purpose.  As a nutritional expert and social media influencer.  her following looks to her for advice on staying healthy through diet during this long period of home isolation.     As the world shelters in place and logs onto the internet for advice,  she has scaled her technology to provide offsite television segments in her home studio and has addressed the Covid Pandemic in almost all her posts online.  She is one of the first nutritionist in the world to build and provide studio quality segments from remote shelter in place.

I just finished the last of the critical Business Loan Applications  that went live online yesterday.   After two weeks I finally feel like I have done everything I can to batten down the hatches for the approaching storm.  What’s left to do in the next coming weeks?

As of today, all state and county parks, lakes and boat ramps are closed for shelter in place.  Calero reservoir closed on March 19 and  San Luis boat  Ramps closed on March29.   As of this post,  the delta is still open to private launches like Orwood, Big Break and Sugarbarge  as is some lakes in Northern California like Baum lake and Lewiston.   Henderson Springs is closed for the Pandemic.  At this point it would be nice to find any water close to home to fish.    I might try looking for carp at the perc ponds or Chesburo Reservoir.

Many fly shops have been having some great sales lately.   Even though I’m trying my hardest to not spend money these next months,  it’s hard not to buy some of this gear that is 50 percent off for the first time ever.  To fill the time,  Im starting to tie flies for friends.    Im pretty prepared for CUBA in July but that might be cancelled as well.  I also received the Dave Scadden Zonker float tube I bought at the Pleasanton Fly Show in February but It came without the hard seat that I ordered.  Ill save that for a future post.

Stephs Favorite Fly for San Luis  (Probably won’t see water for half a year)







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