Denied at the gate…

Saturday August 22,2020 – Today would have been an epic day with topwater, big fish and good friends  on the water,  but it was not meant to be.   According to Gov Gavin Newsom,  the California Fires are caused by Global Warming.  Fishing was cancelled by Global Warming today.    The lake was padlocked at the gate last night.   I pulled up to the locked gate at 7:30 am about 5 minutes ahead of Vaughn and Wayman.  Conditions, other than the air quality, were ideal for a great day.   I had some kn95 masks to distribute so we could stay a bit healthier as we fished.   I bet we would have been the only people crazy enough to fish all day in the brown air but we would have worn respirators.    The fire was pretty far away,  but the air quality wasn’t that great although I have seen it as bad without them closing the lake.  I wish they would leave it to the individual to choose what to do vs close the entire state because of smoke. For up to the date info on fire the fire

Vaughn, Wayman Lee and I decided to head back to Casa De Fruita and see if we might be able to eat some outside breakfast.  That made the trip worth it.   We had a great breakfast at Casa De Fruita and even got a chance to talk to Dan Blanton about the  lake and forebay on the phone.    All in all it was a fun morning and I got home around 11:00 and started house chores.

It was great talking to Waymen about fishing for Rooster fish in Baja.  Waymen is quite the fisherman having fished extensively for Bass, Crappie, Bluegill and Green Sunfish in the  remote ponds of Henry Coe park.   I had no idea there were such great walk in lakes with lots of fish so close to home.   Waymen is an engineer but he also is a talented illustrator and illustrated Mike Costello’s kids book “Where a Trout Calls Home“.  I should have gone yesterday.





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