Don and I on the Forebay

Sunday November 22, 2020 -The water temps on the forebay are down to 52 degrees after the first rains of the winter this last week.  Ice covered my truck as we departed from my house at 7:00am.  The ramp was busy this morning with more than 15 boats and at least as many Kayaks.   We fished the channel and picked up a few dinks.  On the way out we fished the flats and zeroed.   From there we fished the trench and Don picked up a 20 incher.  We headed down to the Medeiros area and tried a few spots with little luck and decided to fish the Dam across from the boat ramp to the powerhouse..   On our way there,  I spied a half dozen seagulls on the water and hit the brakes just to sonar around them.  The sonars lit up big time.  Ive never seen schools that big in the forebay.   They seemed to be coming off the bottom toward the boat as we moved over them.  The panoptics looked like a game of astroids -fish coming at the boat from every angle but no eaters.   Usually when I can see a fish follow a fly to the boat,  I know its a fly or retrieve issue, but not today.   We followed them around for a couple hours and picked a few here and there but they weren’t in a biting mood for most of the day.   We cycled through big and little flies,  slow and fast retrieves,    Pulse discs and no pulse discs.    Nothing worked consistently.    It was a very odd day indeed.   We ended the day with half a dozen each with two 20 inch striper and had great time in the heavy traffic on the lake.

When  the biggest fish of the day wasn’t a stripper,  you know it was a tough day.   At our last stop I dredged up a nice large mouth bass on a slow retrieve .   The weather was nice and although the fishing was slow,  It was a fun day during a code purple lockdown.   It sure beats sitting around at home doing nothing.

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