The Plesenton Flyfishing Show 2023

This past weekend was the Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show, where some of the world’s most renowned fly fishing experts came together to demonstrate sensational techniques and share tips on how to catch bigger fish.  I met Wayne there to book some trips for this year as well.   From learning how to tie incredible flies and cast smooth casts with accuracy, to trying out the latest rods and lines  from pro anglers around the world—there’s always something at this show that will take your fishing game up a notch.  I’ve attended this Show for many years and it feeds my addiction to fly shops which are extinct in the Bay Area these days.    I can think of no better way to spend a rainy day than attending this show and meeting up with old friends.  It seems this year the crowds average age is older.   Where are the young flyfisherman who will take the sport forward?   This year I attended the Stillwater tactics with Phil Rowley and watched a program on the Fall River and the Truckee River.

Ive been searching for the lightest 8 wgt rod for eveyday casting ever since I lost one of my Helios II one piece rods at the forebay.   Before the show,  I had narrowed it down to the Helios 3D four piece but I wanted to cast the Scott Sector two piece and the Hardy Zane Pro one piece.   Neither of the those rods were there however there close cousins were,   I casted the Scott Sector 4 piece and the Hardy Zane Pro 4 piece.  Both rods were as light as the Orvis Helios 3D with faster butt sections. I ended up choosing the Zane Pro 8′ 10″ one piece which will be dropped shipped to me next week.   I cant wait.  Finally a superior replacement for my beloved one piece Helios IIs is on it way.   I couldn’t understand how my Dec order with Lost Coast Outfitters for the one piece Zane Pro hadn’t arrived until I talked to George Revel who told me that they had received it a couple weeks ago and he loves the rod so much he wants to keep it.   That a great testament to this rod from George.

At the show I found a great new outfitter  – Moonlit Fly Fishing.   There I met a phenomenal fly fishermen named  Gary Barnes at the Moonlit booth that showed me some of the coolest products that Semperfly has developed.  This company has the best and strongest threads around in all diameters.  Also they have some very innovative dubbing products unparalleled in the industry.  Turns out that Gary and I share our acquaintance with the late Andy Puyans!  I cant wait to contact him and share some Andy stories,  Gary is an amazing fly tyer who ties Atlantic Salmon Patterns and forges his own hooks.  He guides on the South Fork of the Snake and has been a featured Tyer in many publications and events.   A structural Engineer by education and one heck of an innovator.

Wayne and I booked a family trip to Baha for Dorado and Roosters in June .  I also did some more  research on Pyramid Lake,  The Fall River and the Truckee River for this years trout fishing adventures in the Synabeggo.

Wayne and I booked a nice lodge for the end of June with family – Palapas Ventana on the Sea of Cortez in Baha.  The Chico and San Diego Fly fishing clubs make multiple trips to this destination.  On paper and in social media,  it looks like a family all purpose resort,  but the fishing guides are all great flyfishermen and they target Dorado and Roosters in large quantities and huge sizes.

I stuck around on Friday Night for the International Fly Fishing Film Festival.   The films were great and they are getting more like feature film shorts every year.   The quality of the edits and screenplay are amazing.   Even the young film makers are using the latest techniques and equipment.  Lots of drones now and Im feeling humbled every year as these young film makers get better and better.

Perhaps the highlight of the show was getting permission from Lee Haskin to film him tying his iconic pattern – Lee’s San Luis Smelt.    I found him in deep conversation with Steve Santucci at the fly tying tables and I was honored to have the opportunity to  document what goes into tying this very popular fly at the Forebay, Lake and Delta.   Ill edit it and post this in a separate post.

Phil Rowley’s Presentations

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