The Forbay is Alive!

Saturday April 8, 2023 –  I have always held the belief that sharing fishing reports comes with a great deal of Karma. Whether it is writing this blog, offering tackle to those who are learning, or simply sharing what you have learned at the dock, Karma operates on the principle of cause and effect. This principle can manifest through verbal, mental, or physical actions and intentions. It is commonly understood as “what you sow is what you reap” or “What goes around comes around.” Today, I experienced an exceptional day of fishing at the forebay, and I owe it to the good Karma from my friend Tim Anderson.

Early this morning, Tim and Mike were out on the water. Though I didn’t see them, I noticed that when I launched my boat at 9:00 am,  I was the 27th boat to do so. Looking east, where I had done well three days ago, the area was empty. Instead, there were numerous boats in the trench and a few at the powerhouse. I opted to try my luck slow-rolling a couple of fish from the southeast shoreline near the campgrounds. Although I had metered more fish today than last week, and the water had about a foot more visibility, the slow retrieve wasn’t working, and I didn’t catch a single fish all morning.

Around noon, Tim and Mike pulled up beside me on the south side. I asked them how they fared in the morning. When they told me they had caught 25 fish, including one weighing around 8 lbs., I was astounded. We fished together for a while on the south flats without a hit and I suggested we return to the spot where they had caught so many fish earlier.

The powerhouse could be hot one day and cold the next, depending on the current. We lined up at the ropes and the bite got hot again.   Between the three of us,  we caught over 20 fish in the afternoon.   Unlike last week , I didn’t see any of the fish I caught on  the Livescope Sonar.   Today  was all about blind casting and stripping well.   By the end of the day, I had caught 17 fish and left at 4:30 pm. I had only fished in two areas today and wondered how the Trench and the Mederious were faring. Most of the fish I caught were on fast strip, and I believe the better visibility encouraged the fish to chase. Tim and Mike put on a clinic, catching over 30 fish. I know the fishing was great when Tim stops counting.

One thought on “The Forbay is Alive!

  1. Meng – Thanks for the kind words. Any day I can help you find fish is a pleasure for me. I have learned so much about catching fish from you. Love yer videos, and stories. You are fun to fish with, you always have a great positive attitude, and you regularly share what you can see underwater with all yer cool electronics.

    Looking forward to buddy boating with you soon and regularly this season..:)

    Thanks again for upping my fishing results with your info..!!

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