The Forebay is about to Pop

April 10, 2023 –   After an exceptionally good day two days ago, I was optimistic that the forebay would be even better today.   There was a huge amount of pressure on Easter Sunday according to Tim Anderson who was also on the lake today as was Brian.   It was Tim’s third day in a row and he confessed to me that the fishing was getting slower by the day.   Conditions seem to be the same these last three days and there was plenty of current coming out of the powerhouse.

I decided to take a tour of the forebay today and managed a couple dinks in Mederious and a few nice fish in and around the Powerhouse.   It was not as good as before and I ended the day with 10 fish.   The one thing I did notice was that the fish are starting to pair up.  There were lots of opportunities  today.   At times I had over 100 fish on the sonar and yet it was hard to get them to eat today.   My best luck was where I found the larger schools of fish.   It seems that the competition can make a none hungry fish chase a fly.   Water temps were in the mid 50s and I think as the warmer weather comes,  the fish will start spawning and with the numbers that I saw out there,  it could be epic.


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