To My Beautiful Wife of 40 years, Happy Anniversary

In the heart of Chicago, fate led the way,
A meeting so fateful that forever would stay,
Forty years past, we embarked hand in hand,
Together we journeyed across life’s vast land.

In the city’s embrace, I found my soulmate,
Gina, your name whispered by destiny’s gate,
Through the highs and the lows, side by side,
Our love bloomed and flourished, an eternal guide.

As partners at work, we shared every task,
The joy of achievements, a bond that would last,
Through challenges faced, our spirits aligned,
With you by my side, I knew I’d unwind.

Raising our children, a blessing profound,
Two perfect kids in our love they were bound,
With laughter and love, we nurtured their dreams,
A family united, forever it seems.

Across oceans and skies, we ventured afar,
Discovering wonders, beneath moon and star,
In each other’s company, the world came alive,
Hand in hand, exploring, our spirits would thrive.

You, my rock, my anchor, my guiding light,
In your unwavering support, I find my might,
Through every endeavor, your love has been true,
Gina, my heart’s treasure, my life’s rendezvous.

As the years march on, our love’s flame shall grow,
Like a river that deepens, its currents aglow,
In the twilight of life, I want you by my side,
For together, we’ll face the ebb and the tide.

With every passing day, my love does enhance,
For you, dear Gina, my heart’s song and dance,
Through joys and sorrows, our love shall abide,
Forever and always, you are my cherished bride.


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