Fear and Loathing in Mexico

Its time for Collage tours in Southern California. What better way to see SOCAL than after a Disney Cruise around the Mexican Riviera. The goal- Tour UCLA, USC, Claremont McKenna. Loyola Marymount, and Azusa Pacific after a week boat ride in Mexico. For only the second season in the Disney Cruise History, “the Magic” is back on the west coast. I figured its the cheapest Disney cruise for us since we save on airfares, so it was a no brainer to book this. The cruise was great and the kids seemed to make friends very fast and we didn’t see them much. This being the last year of my Daughters teen experiences on the cruise, it was fitting that we cruised Disney this summer.

The tours of the schools went well. It was interesting to compare the different school tour guides. I am convinced that kids may choose collages based on how they perceive the tour guide as being like them, or someone they admire or loath. For instance, the USC tour guide wore a red designer dress and stiletto heals. It was amazing to watch her walk backwards for two hours and not miss a beat. While the tour progressed, I noticed a man dressed in black easing up behind everyone to catch a few words of the tour. I was the only one in the group to notice, it was Jack Nicholson who was apparently on campus for some reception that we saw being prepared near the film school. A word to parents, if you have a choice of tour guides at any point, pick one that looks like your daughter or son over the same major if you want the best face on that school.

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