Every 15 Minutes… Leland High School

Fatalities are declining especially — the 15 percent decrease among underage drunk driving fatalities because of programs like this in High Schools across America.   Recruited by Leland to help edit the Video portion of the two day program,  I was amazed at the year of planning and secrecy that was maintained in order to put this program together.  Mia Syn was selected as the ASB student organizer for this event  which culminated in a two day surprise program on May 23rd 2009.   

My part in the program was to take the video and stills of the program and coordinate and edit a 10 minute video in a 15   hour period with Mia Syn and  Wes Diemling  (hell of a good editor!) to be shown at the Funeral Event the next day.  Filmed by Volunteers from AMS and San Jose Medical Group,  we used an 8 core Mac Pro, and two Mac Pro Laptops for the project working simultaneously.  The most difficult part of the project was importing the 7  hours of 8mm tape into Final Cut which was especially hard since we had 15  hours to finish.  The film was edited overnight in sections by the three of us and compiled an hour before show time  with no sleep.   In the future, using Flash H.264 Video Cameras would be advantageous since we can begin editing immediately without realtime inputing of film.  I donated the Nikon D2 to the program so that they had a good 35mm digital  camera for next years stills.

The Directors Cut of Leland Every 15 Minutes 2009

Every 15 Minutes – Leland High School 2009 from Meng Syn DDS on Vimeo.

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