Mauii and the Huricaine that never came

I was so looking forward to Hurricane Felicia. It was interesting to watch the island preparing for the worst. I met a man from Home Depot that was in charge of securing the store for the storm so that in the event of a disaster, they could help rebuild the island. Brilliant.

Anyways, the “Caine” piddled out to a rain shower by the time it hit Maui. We managed to meet it on the North Shore to see if any surf came in which it did not but we found a GREAT fish resuraunt over their called Big Mama’s Fish House! Next year im taking some advanced windsurfing lessons at those perfect beaches on the North Shore.

Enjoyed our last vacation with Mia before the College tour of duty at Berkeley. We stayed 5 days the Kaanapali Alii and 5 days at The Grand Wailea

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