The Lee Hartman Art Show

On November 15th, 2009 I had the pleasure of attending and photographing an art show held at University Art in San Jose at 456 Meridian Ave.   The show consisted of the spectacular  works of Lee’s students and friends.  Lees students range from young children to accomplished artists.

Are you an old painter, new painter, wanna-be painter, or all-through painter? Or, maybe just want to work in oils too? Then take a look at Lee’s website, and see what wonderful opportunities are open to you!

Ever think about taking an oil painting class? Lee offers four each week. They are given at University Arts in San Jose, CA on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Stop by the next time you’re in the neighborhood. Lee and her students always will welcome you.

The days photos are posted on my Flickr Account and the original stills can be freely downloaded.

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