Halloween Stripers

I spent Saturday tuning up my outboard that was misfiring last weekend. I burned up a can of SeaFoam decarbonizer and also used some to clean the carbs. When I removed the plugs, they didn’t look all that bad but I changed them with new properly gapped ones. I changed the oil and filter. Also, I dumped the old gas because I suspected that maybe my outboard doesn’t like Ethanol. Normally I use 87 Octane from Chevron with Techron (no ethanol), but last week I used some gas from 76 which has 10% ethanol. The outboard worked flawlessly today and infact it has never been better. I ordered a new prop that should be here this week. I think it was a combination of the spark plugs and gas the fixed the problem.

I decided to give the forebay a try this Halloween morning after the disappointing Saturday on the Delta. The wind was light, and the lake had dropped as did the water temperature in the forebay as they were pumping the water out of the bottom of the lake to prepare for the rains. The weedbeds are starting to break up a bit and it was hard to find the edges of the weedbeds. I threw the kitchen sink at the fish and ended up with only ten fish and one keeper on flies, topwater, rattle traps and flukes. I had read a post on the internet about some bass guy using flukes and superflukes with huge success on the weedbeds of the forebay and I happened to have some white ones in the boat. The weighted flukes are weedless and they move side to side like a spook and suspend a bit when you don’t jerk them. They are deadly inside the weeds. They move like a fly except you can cast them a mile right into the weeds. The fish attack them like real bait and I had a few just strip line out of the reel at the hit. I brought one fish home for Gina and cleaned it at the dock to find it had several 4-5inch fish in its stomach. The fish was caught in the weedbeds when I noticed some surface disturbance in clear patch of water surrounded by weeds. I cast a fly into it and it was hit as it sank about an inch.

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