The Forebay is a happenin’…

Today was a pretty good day considering how bad last week was.  I landed ten in the trench fishing for about  3 hours.   The weeds are breaking up and its hard to find the lines but I put the boat on the lines in the trench with sonar and managed to find some pods of fish.   Today I caught a pretty good fish about 5 pounds that was as  fat  and healthy as a striper can get in fresh water.    There were quite a number of flyfishermen on the  Oneal–about  3 guys in tubes and three in boats.  I though perhaps they would all be a Striperfest at Sugar Barge but Striper Fly fishermen think alike and I figured it would be  uncrowded at San Luis today.   I aimed for 18 feet of water casting into 8 along the edges of the trench. .  Fishing definitely fell off around 11:00.  Its a good idea to be on the lake at daybreak since most of the action can come in an hour and then nothing all day.   Daylight savings day today-turning back the clock  tonight means getting up earlier to fish.


God I love college football.   Today was epic.  Despite  the harsh reality that Cal Football is reaching a new low after getting schooled by the Washington Huskies. Cal has reached the low of lows with turnovers and a pathetic offensive line.  On top of that, they have lost  28 player to injury and they are going to play  number one Oregon next week without Keenan Alan and their first string quarterback Zach Maynard.  On top of that, Cal football’s Graduation Success Rate (GSR) this year is also the lowest in the PAC12.  I think its time  rebuild the program,  starting with  Tedford.  Yes I said that. CAL can learn from the SF Giants.  They need to play as a team and not a bunch of wanna be NFL draft picks,  Based on the CAL’s GSR,  football players at CAL arem’t there for the education, they are there for themselves.  Keenan Allen might just skip from this injury right to te NFL.   Andrew Luck stuck around another year at Standford,  on a loosing team, to finish his degree and support his team another year despite a million dollar contract tempting him to bail.   Thats classy.

Today the four undefeated teams played epic games.  Alabama barely pulled it off against LSU in the last minute NOT in number one Gundam style.  AJ McCarron had so much pressure to keep the Crimson Tide’s wave of wins going, that he went into emotional shock after his clutch winning touchdown screen pass–crying unconsolably on the bench.   It was awesome to watch.   Kansas beats 24th ranked Oklahoma which was sorta impressive, esp without their first string QB.     Notre Dame needed three overtimes to beat an unranked Pit–not impressive.   And finally, in the best game of the day,  Oregon kicked USC’s  ass in an epic battle scoring the most points EVER against the once great USC.   THE DUCKS ARE FOR REAL–  The best college team in the nation and if the BCS computers dont agree this Sunday than there is something wrong.   Granted the Oregon Defense let USC score 51 points,  they still beat them with 61 points and led most of the game.  Plus they did it at the Rose Bow in their house.  I love to hate USC and it feels great to finally get that feeling back that I once had when Cal beat them in 2003.   No other undefeated team won their games today as impressive as Oregon and that is why they should be given the number one spot.

Next week we will sit in new Memorial Stadium, paid for by my tuition raises,  and watch the wounded pathetic Bears get raped by a Ducks.  Still,  I think I will wear Bear Gear for maybe the last time.   After all, it would be tacky to attend a funeral dressed like the grim reaper.  I’ll wear  a Ducks T Shirt on the ride home smiling and happy.  Its so much easier writing those tuition checks to UofO  believing that Marks undergrad is run like the e efficiency of the Ducks Speed Offense.

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