Oregon Ducks are number one…..

What a great Stadium. Our first game in the new stadium did not disapoint. Mias apartement 50 yards from the enterence guaranteed us close parking and I felt like a VIP. The Ducks killed the Bears 59 to 17. It was cold but there was almost more Oregon Green in the stadium than Cal fans. Plus the “O”chant was the loudest sound during the game next to the Tightwad Hill Canon. And the Oregon fans kept the noise up during both offense and defense.

With Alabama’s loss to Texas A&M, I dont think any poll will rank Notre Dame or K State higher than Oregon after last nights game against CAL. I must say that in the first quarter, I was getting excited that CAL could upset which would have been Cals Golden moment in history having never been so low playing aginst so high. I am impressed with the second string Cal QB Bridgeford–he’s better than Maynard. Sofele’s running was awesome keeping the game within 7 at the closest point, but I bet he leaves early for the NFL. Maybe there is hope for the CAL program. Dont really care with Mia graduating and Mark starting at Oregon. Plus, Marriota has three more year of eligibility. What freshman QB in the nation is as good? NONE. I say dynasty. Rooting for a team like CAL that has at times a great first string, I appreciate the value of a deep team like the Ducks. For CAL these last years, there seasons died because key players got hurt and were unreplaceable. Thats not the case with Oregon. Two more Ducks games in the seaon and they are challanging-Standord and Oregon State. What a season. Predciction: Oregon vs Kansas State, National Championship. Now The Tide plays Wake Forest and USC. K-State Wildcats play TCU and Baylor.

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