Another big fish this week at the Racks

Redding Fly Shops Brad Jackson caught a 29 pounder at the trash racks at 7:30 in the morning on Tuesday May 7th on a Chartreuse and White Flashtail Clouser. Fishing with Dan Blanton (Source- Dan Blanton’s BBS), they reported another slower day from the low pressure. Another Pig comes from the Dam in the first week of May!  Looks like the Striper fishing in the lower Sac is also picking up according to The Fish Sniffer. Wednesday and Thursday’s conditions are blown out with winds in the high teens as the low pressure exits and the warm high pressure coming this weekend. Hope the winds settle by Saturday so I can give it another go and get the 20+ pig. Still seems those big ones are cruising the dam close to the rocks early in the morning. I think I want to be on the water at 7:00 AM.



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