San Luis Windy Blues….

It wasn’t a bad day considering we almost cancelled the fishing at 6 AM because the wind lady said it was howling 18 mph. We decided that a day off deserved a chance and ended up heading over to the lake anyways. When we got there, we walked out on the dock and decided it was too risky to launch. We went over to the forebay and it was relatively calm. We launched and caught a half dozen Stripers at the Mederios Wall and waited for the wind to die down on the big lake since I was hoping to get another shot at those schools of shad. The fish at the Forebay were dinks and we only caught one keeper. The water level was all the way up in the forebay however. At 11:00 AM we relaunched at Basalt and went directly to the trash racks to get Jim Crammer into some fish. They weren’t cooperative and we only landed 3 but they were all around 22 inches. We searched for the schools of SHAD that were cruising the edges just two days ago and couldn’t find them Even the pelicans were following us hoping for a score. I hadn’t fished with Jim on the lake for over a year but he did manage to catch a good Striper off the Trash racks and was happy about that. Bummer there were no shad to be found. The SAC according to Wayne Syn, is prime for shad right now. He and a friend caught 80 in 5 hours this past weekend. The wind finally died way down around 2PM and we looked for fish in Portuguese cove with no luck.

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