UC Berkeley Commencement 2013

P1010247So in a day ,  what seemed to be the ultimate goal, has come and past.  It was a hopeful wish the day she was born, a landmark that I planned my retirement around,  and a source of anxiety as we watched the cost of education rise faster than our savings plan. Mia Syn, our oldest daughter graduated from Berkley today with a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Science, Metabolism and Physiology.   Not since 1969 has commencement been held in memorial stadium.  Unfortunately they didn’t pronounce Mia’s name correctly at the ceremony but she did get to shake Steve Wozniak’s hand. The College Graduation went smoothly except for a small protest against Cal’s involvement with BP Oil.   Maybe next year they can get one  of the Star Trek Bridge crew to give commencement speech (Chris Pine –Captain Kirk, and Jon Cho–Sulu, are CAL grads)   These next three months we prepare to see her move to New York to continue her education at Columbia University, the first Syn to attend the Ivy League.  We are proud of you!


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