San Jose Fly Casters 2013 San Luis Fishout with Jim



This morning I took a buddy of mine out to fish the O’Neill Forebay. In exchange, Jim Cramer treated me to a picnic Lunch with the FlyCasters of San Jose’s annual Fishout BBQ Lunch at the Forebay. I met lots of current members and we talked San Luis Flyfishing for an hour. I hadn’t been a dues paying member since before Dental School and all the faces were new-even the older members.

The fishing was pretty good around Mederous. Jim and I pulled up to the rock wall and we saw sporadic bunches of stripers crashing bait on the surface right at daybreak. From sun-up (6:45am) till around 8:30 we landed 17 fish with a few around 22 inches on small rattled yellow and white clousers.   After 8:30, it slowed down significantly. Jim and I explored the flats and the islands catching a couple fish an hour after that.  It was a good day at the forebay, but Vaughn fished the main lake and texted me that he did well on “surface flies” where we were fishing last week. I cant stop thinking of those bigger fish in the main lake. Im going to fish the main lake tomorrow morning alone just to check.

I tried some underwater 3d Video today on Jim’s Fish.

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