Fishless day on the Big Lake

Its been two weeks since I fished the Big Lake when it was on fire with 30 plus fish days. I was surprised at how slow the fishing was on the lake this Monday morning. I couldn’t find them. Maybe I was still in Redfishing mode, or maybe it was the bad Solonar tables which suggested I stay in bed. I got on the lake at 6:30 and headed over to the regular hot spots from two weeks ago and saw no fish working the shallows or the deep water all day. The weather was overcast and the winds were minimal but there was definitely a chill in the air with water temps in the low 60s. The algae is definitely breaking up and there was very few fish on the meter in less than 25 feet of water. I did find fish deep in 40-50 feet of water and managed one decent fish fishing a long sink count with T-14. I fished the bay of pigs and the trash racks deep with no luck. The few bait fishermen that caught fish were fishing in deep water on the bottom with anchovies and were having a tough time as well. I heard that there was some fish caught on flies between the bay of pigs and the trash-racks along the face of the dam.

The Delta remains HOT in places and somewhere, even today, there are some big stripers being caught

A Sac River 49 poounder caught on a topwater last week – Orland Ourfitters

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  1. Hi Meng- It was a slow day for me to on Sunday. Got there about 9 ish and fished till 4 ish with only 2 fish. The Thursday before I got into 8 of them. Sounds like your day was slow as well on Monday? What do you think happens? It is weather change? I can’t figure it out so I thought I would ask you? Since your you have been fishing this lake for awhile?

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