Christmas with Mark and Mia – 2013

This year’s Christmas was unique for a few major reasons–the absence of our annual Luminaria Tradition and the fact that both kids had to fly home fro distant locations  to be with us.   New York and Eugene  were incredibly cold over the holidays and both kids were happy to be back in the warmth of the Bay Area.  Mark surfed Santa Cruz every chance he got and Mia enjoyed studying outside and shopping for healthy food at the familiar markets. Football has been great with the favorite teams winning for a change,  and with most of the old neighborhood kids, not coming home, and with neighbors spending Christmas away,  we had a time to enjoy an intimate and quiet Christmas with our family and I liked it.  Gina and I had another great Office Christmas Party that went late into the night with Karaoke and fun with our staff’s spouses. Gina and I love our staff and I hope this coming year will keep us happy and healthy together after a phenomenal year.

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And the Wild and Crazy Office Party….

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