Great Weather, Good Solonar, no fish….


The first Striper day of the New Year on  O’Neill Forebay was a bust.  I fished from 8am to 2pm  and got only one hit which I missed.  I looked for the fish in some new places today.  I tried the really shallow flats and the mid lake trenches and I only spotted one group of fish at the wall near the Mederios Boat launch rock wall.  The fish were not bitty today and I couldn’t get them to eat any of the flies in my box.    It funny how the entire lake\forebay generally turns on or off on the entire body of water.   Maybe Im wrong, but it seems if I don’t catch a fish within the first 10 casts,  its going to be a tough day.  And,  when its good at one spot,  its generally good most everywhere on the body of water.    I tried a bunch of weird flies as well as the normal ones.  I bought some cool redfish flies from Uptown Anglers in NOLA to try on the lake and today was just the day for it.   Unfortunately,  not a single fish was interested in those imported NOLA flies and the jury is still out on them.   In the afternoon, I tried fishing the brush line on the west side for Largemouth Bass.  No luck over there either.   Steve Horninge fished the big lake today and reported that it was also very slow.   The lake is filling slowly and I keep picturing the poor salmon and steelhead in the Sacramento wondering where all the water went.   I feel guilty wishing the lake was more full when I know it will be at the expense of Delta Water.  I had initially thought that I might try the the DJI Phantom II Vision camera today, but I haven’t finished the water landing modifications.   Maybe next time if there is no wind.

Check out these two fish.   I should use bigger flies.   ‘nough said…



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