As the Wind Blows, so does the fishing

P1020473Finally the weather forecast hinted at a calm morning on San Luis reservoir for Monday. As the Bay area prepares for a 3 day heat wave,  the high pressure has finally broken the wind cycle at the lake.   For the last 5 weeks,  I haven’t been able to fish the lake due to high winds.  I prepped the boat and got the gear ready for the best day of the weekend just in case. Calling the wind line on Saturday and Sunday mornings to hear the winds winds blowing in the 20’s, I decided to stay home and fix some water leaks in the plumbing.  Monday morning,  the wind died down to less than 5 mph and I headed over to the lake.

There was only one other boat at Basalt at 7:00 am.  I started out fishing the Bay of Pigs working 40 to 20 feet of water.  The water level was up quite a bit since last time.  It has reached the bottom of the rocks at Cottonwood.   Not much showed up on the meter till I pulled up in front of the dam in the Bay of Pigs and metered many fish in 30 feet of water.   There were a bunch of Pelicans on the shore watching me and I figured perhaps the fish were shad.  I tried out my Aquacam  but haven’t reviewed the footage yet.  After throwing large and small flies, blue, purple and chartreuse flashtail clousers with no hits or luck,  I moved to the trash racks where I also metered lots of of fish.   Again the fishing was slow.  I fished all the areas that were so hot last year around the racks and close to the dam till I got run off by the dam police.  I then  headed over to the Portuguese bay and hit all my favorite spots with no hits.   I zeroed for the day.

The last 5 trips out,  I think I’ve only caught 3 fish and they were all small. This March, April were the worst two months of San Luis I have had in several years but I’m confidant that the fishing will turn on very soon.


The Sage Method 7wgt cast great and I really like fishing it.  The Red Sage Evoke 8  really looks snazzy on the red rod. This is going to be a winner at Christmas Island in a couple months.   Thank you Orland Outfitters and Wayne Syn for this reel   Its a bit easier to cast all day than the 8wgt Helios but it does feel like a 7 wgt and it scares me a bit thinking what my happen if I hook one of the May Monsters.

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