Celebrating our 31st on the 31st


This July 31th marks our 31st wedding anniversary and we decided to celebrate it by attending some local concerts at the Paul Mason Winery and San Jose Broadway. Last Month we saw Steely Dan in Concert, the Jersey Boys at the San Jose Theater, the Tubes on the 4th of July , Last week Foreigner in concert and last night we saw the Beach Boys in concert at Paul Mason. John Stamos plays guitar and drums for the Beach Boys? Yup. We have coming up, Michael Mcdonald and TOTO next week. Thirty one years ago our first real dates were to Ravinia and the Chicago Symphony, Im a lucky guy to have a wife that loves the arts as much as I do. Gina, thank you for the last 31 years and Ill be by your side till the end.  Listening to all that 70s and 80s music with you is the fountain of youth and you can still party and dance for an entire concert.   I wonder if the 31st on the 31st means anything?



A couple weeks ago, we had dinner with our dear friends  Robyn and Kurt Siblerstein. We went to Northwestern Dental School together and attended their wedding  in Chicago many years ago a the Drake Hotel–a very unforgettable event!   It was great to see them and catch up a bit.  Hope we see them more often.


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